Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Now, I would like to talk about my recent life. I'm trying to get driver license. Day by day, I went to the school to get driver license if I have enough time. And Sep, 1 I finally got the license!!!

Secondly, since I belong to the ice hockey club I go to my school to do some exercise four times a week. Our team meets together at my school. And it is hard enough to make pain my legs, arms, and so on!! There are still some pains.

By the way, we used Old Bay seasoning the day before yesterday. I saw it first in the term when I ate Gyro. That was in the Old Post Office Pavilion. Ji won told me that fried potatoes with vinegar and the seasoning is good! So I tried it. …Delicious!

My sister’s friends sent it to us as a present one year ago. That was when I saw it first in my life. And my family uses it occasionally. So my mother asked me to buy it, six or seven packs. Then I searched for it and finally I found out it!! I bought eight packs!!

At that day, we use it in the curry rice. That is delicious too!! I would like to know more how to cook. If you have idea please tell me.

And let me tell some stories. When I bought the eight packs seasoning, some effects occurred. Most of the members were shocked to see my buying a lot of the seasoning. And they bought it!! They said that they didn’t have it but Fumi bought it a lot, so it must be delicious. It was credible!!

Hey everyone!! Did you use it?
Anyway, such a memory is part of my life.


Blogger Nina Liakos said...

Hi, Fumi,

First off, let me congratulate you on receiving your driver's license! Please drive carefully!

I think your buying 8 containes of Old Bay seasoning is very funny! I have never tried this seasoning myself. Anyway, if you visit this website http://www.old-bay.com/content.cfm?id=11533 you will find lots of recipes featuring Old Bay. Let me know if they are good!

9/06/2006 11:33 AM  
Blogger Hiromi said...

Omedetou(Congratulations) on getting driver license! I can imagine how excited you were when you got it! :)

Your mother really likes the seasoning, does she? After reading your story, I really want to try it!

9/09/2006 1:10 AM  
Blogger bon said...

Hi, Fumi!

I often use Old Bay for fried chickens, fried rice, marinade and so on. I think Old Bay matches all foods. I want to try curry rice!

Thank you, Fumi! I owe it to you that I could buy Old Bay seasoning.

9/11/2006 1:17 PM  

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