Tuesday, August 22, 2006

After that...

Aug, 19. I went to a festival with my family. The festival was hold near my house. This festival is very small, but I can find an aspect of the festival thanks for visiting Maryland. I couldn’t say that Japanese summer festival is really nice before that. But this time I can sincerely say it is great.
Before I talk about it, I would like to introduce my family. This is my mother and father. My father's name is Kazuhiro and my mother's Taeko. I have one sister. She is Waka. And now we have two Chinese girls as home stay students, Yuhen and Hoeshen. They are from Taiwan and have been Japan for two month. And they will go back to Taiwan, soon.
In this festival we had some Yatai, which are selling foods, drinks or something like that, and program which included Taiko and Sohran bushi,the name of Japanese dance(??). As usual I saw a Japanese festival as a boring thing. But this time is not. They had strong power and they were trying to include all of us. I was aspiring and thougth of it as a nice festival.
This is the program of Taiko

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This is some Japanese dance.

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But this time I didn’t have friends to join us. Of course family is important. What I want to say is in Maryland I had more and more fun to be with you, all of you. So I would like to post some pictures. The feel makes me do that.
As I’ll take Hiromi (Obachang) cue, I uploaded all of my pictures. Click below and you can see it. Have fun!
  • http://photos.yahoo.co.jp/k_ktfw

  • And, this is one of the most faborite picture...


    Blogger Ji Won said...

    The festival looks like it was a lot of fun! And I like how you used Bubbleshare. High tech! ^^ Anyways, looking at those pictures makes me want to go back in time again. I can't wait to chat with everyone in September! Keep blogging! ^^

    8/24/2006 6:05 AM  
    Blogger izumo said...

    I think you resemble your father more than your mother. It sounds interesting that you have two Chinese girls as home stay students. You have many foreign friends!

    8/24/2006 7:20 PM  
    Blogger SERI said...

    You used Bubbleshare!!すごぃ★!

    Thank you for many nice photos♡
    Enjoy your summer vacation with Chinese girls☆

    8/25/2006 12:06 AM  
    Blogger Linda said...

    Hi Fumi - WOW! This is a great blog!! It is really wonderful to meet your family - even tought it is by long distance! How interesting that from your travel to America you came to appreciate something about your home! Isn't that interesting?

    8/25/2006 4:22 AM  
    Blogger Linda said...

    Hi Fumi - How interesting that by coming to America you learned to apprecitate something in your own home even more!

    8/25/2006 4:23 AM  
    Blogger Nina Liakos said...

    Fumi, your latest post is awesome! I loved seeing your family, hearing about the 2 ladies from Taiwan who have been staying with your family, and especially seeing the pictures of the festival you went to.

    Like Linda, I also love the fact that leaving Japan apparently helped you to appreciate it more! When we never leave home, we think of the things that are there as ordinary and even boring. But when we leave home and see new and different things, we may develop a new awareness and appreciation for the things we have at home.

    I wish I could have seen that festival too, especially the taeko drumming, which I saw last April in DC (at the Sackler Gallery) and which I found thrilling.

    Thanks so much for putting the picture of us at the farewell reception on your blog! That made me feel really special. :-)

    The next time you post to your blog, send a message at the group at http://groups.google.com/group/agu2006 so that we know to go and read it!

    8/26/2006 10:37 AM  
    Blogger Fumi said...

    >Ji won
    Yes. Me too! I want to! But the time goes on. I'm sure that we can meet each other some day!
    Since I study Chinese as a second foreign language I can study it with chatting :) Isn't it interesting too?
    Your welcome! And I would like to say…. Unfortunately they went back to Taiwan yesterday, Aug, 26. But summer vacation continues to Sep, 24!!
    >Linda, Nina
    Yes, it does. I'm also surprised to feel my changing. I would like to show you more information about the festival. That is, movies. If I know that how to, I'll tell you!
    To tell the truth, I’m afraid that I cannot take part in chat because I belong to the club of ice hockey and the camp will start at Sep, 14. I’m not sure I can’t but if…
    Anyway, I’m going to keep blogging. :)

    8/28/2006 12:14 AM  
    Blogger Hiromi said...

    Wow!!! I'm impressed that you put the pictures to the blog by using bubbleshare! Sugoi sugoi!!! :) Also, it must be really fun being with the Chinese girls! It looks like you have 3 sisters now!

    Also, I enjoyed looking at the pictures you took while you were in the US. It reminds me of the things we did and makes me want to go back to the days!

    Anyway, you can't come to chat with everyone?! I'm sorry to hear that, but the camp is also important for you da yo nee. I think someone will write about the chat on blogs, so you can imagine what it's like da yo!

    8/30/2006 12:39 AM  
    Blogger Nina Liakos said...

    Fumi, if everyone agrees, I plan to host more reunion chats after the first one. I am sorry you have to miss it. If I had realized the AGU would still be on vacation I would have scheduled it later. However, now I think we should just go ahead and try it. We can schedule a second one in October. I hope you will join that one!

    9/03/2006 11:31 PM  
    Blogger Laura said...

    Thanks for posting pictures!!! Even though I've never gone, I think I already told you that I love Japanese omatsuri! It looks very exciting~

    9/04/2006 7:43 AM  

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